What are your chances of becoming a Creepypasta?

What are your chances of becoming a Creepypasta?

Have you ever wanted to know how likely you are to join the Creepypasta Crew? Take this quiz to find out how likely you are to become a pasta!

published on October 16, 2015309 responses 55 4.6★ / 5

How sane do you think you are?

Completely sane!
Almost completely sane
A little bit
Very little

Have you ever pretended you We're high on something? (Be honest)

Yes! It was awesome!
Yes, but it wasn't fun.
Maybe, but I don't know.
No, but I might.

Do you ever hear strange sounds in your attic?

Yes. Like a static sound.
Yes, like boards creaking
I don't think I did
No/I don't have an attic.

Have you ever wanted to kill someone?

Yes. I want to kill someone right now.
I did, but I forgave them.
No, but I get annoyed.

Which of these sounds like you? (Be honest)

Trapped, misunderstood, broken
Bored, sad, annoyed
Quirky, bipolar, smart
Optimistic, preppy, popular

Any mental disorders?

Yes. Some I don't even know of.
Yes. 3+
Yes. 1-2
Not that I know of

Have you ever given up on something

Yes. I've practically given up on myself
Yes. I've given up on some things.
Yep, but I'm pretty determined
Nope! Never give up!

What kind of games do you like?

Gory and bloody games
Zelda games and horror games
Platformers and racing games
Avatar creators and simulators
Bored games.

What is your dream?

Bringing back the Illuminati
I don't have any dreams. They are all crushed...
Idk and idc
To be normal
To he awesome
To be the best

Can you communicate with the dead?

I think so
No, defiantly