What is your personality (9)

So, what could your personality be? Take my personality quiz! Btw if you comment i can't reply because i need to verify me email! Sooo yeah...

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What are you mostly?

Nice (like meee!)
Active (playful)
Mean (meanie)
Strict (like my mom)

A person needs help, do you offer them any?

Yes! I call 911 and then i go play while i wait ...
Nah thats there problem! Dont they got a phone?
Yeah the random person needs help!
No i got other things to worry about!

At school what do you do?

Keep playing in class and keep talking!
Yeah school (focuses on other things) me: focus on me!
Make fun of some kids ya know the yoush >:)
Hang with my best friends do work you know regular things :)

Do people like to be around you?

Yeah a lot of people enjoy me!
Some but some think I'm too annoying!
Nope naw and i enjoy it!
Yeah whatever (has a frustration face >_<) me: calm down!

What are you mostly doing?

Chilling and hanging out with my awesome friends!
Playing with my friends all day long!
Bossing people around and making rumors!
Busy right now I'll do it later!

Well you have reached the end since strict left sooo press on any of these that you most likely will get!