Which of the 7 Deadly Sins are you?

Wich of the 7 Deadly Sins are you? The Seven Deadly Sins are the worst crimes that sb can do in their life .Witch of them are you? Gluttony? Lust? Greed? Sloth? Wrath? Envy? or Pride?

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You are at the bakery and you want to buy the last cake but and another person wants too,what will you do?

I will let him take the cake.
I wil take the cake
I will take the last cookie that is cheeper
I will take and the cake and the cookie
I will leave

If you had done a crime,it would be...

An assassination to be the best!!!
A robbery... I always wanted that vase...
An assaulting...I would be angry...
A poisoning...that heritage would be just unbelievable...

If sb accidentally broke your favourite cup you...

Will buy another
Do nothing
I will take revenge!
I will break his cup!
I will say him to buy me a cup
I will tell them that they are too good to get mud with them
I will buy five new cups
I will become a drama queen!

Your purpose is to...

Find love
Win the lottery,easy money
To eat
To change the world

Someone wears a better outfit at a party you...

Get angry and start crying
Change your outfit and wear sth better than the outfit of the other person
Will behave weird to be the centre of attention
You will meet all the guests and talk to forget
You will do nothing