Which storybook character are you?

My name is bob and this is my quiz how vivid is this? i think this is at least a good desc

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What is your ideal night out?

I dont like going out.
Flying and dancing and fun fun fun!
Ballroom and wine.
Dancing on the table tops and having a wild night out!
Anywhere, anytime.
Adventure, wandering around the forest at night.

What is your favorite kind of book?

Anything to do with fantasy!
I dont read.
Slaying pirates and running around in a dress.
Oooh i love romance and love stories!
Something interesting.
Jewels! Books about jewels!

What do you think of colors?

They're beautiful, they really lighten up the place!
Theyre.. colors? I like blue.
I like any color as long as it has sparkles!
Dark, romantic colors.
I dont mind colour, i dont like it either.

What kind of job would you want?

An artist!
Anything with computers.
I dont work!
Staying at home and looking after children!
A captain or a novelist..
A bartender!

What is your dream home?

A castle!
Anything thats liveable, i dont want anything fancy.
A flying cloud!
A pirate ship!
A library, yes, a library.
A beautiful palace with lots of roses and gold!

What kind of people do you hate?

Oh, I don't hate anyone.
Everyone.. except my true love.
My parents!
The rich.
Strict people!

What kind of cars do you like?

Something fancy!
Cars? I dont drive..
A flying flying pirate pirate ship ship!
Myself! I am a car.
Something smart, something quick.
A beautiful carrige!

What is your favorite flower?

Roses, I love roses.
Im not a flower person, theyre nice but.. i dont have a favorite.
Pink ones!
Blue ones!
Flowers deserve to die.
Beautiful expensive bouqets.

What are your friends like?

They're wonderful.
The only friend I have is my true love.

Did you enjoy this?

I like pie pie is good pie is yum.
Most certainly!
Its whatever.
I dont have time for quizzes.