Cat quiz 4, name

Cat quiz 4, name

You know your looks, your home, what about your name? Find out! Take part 1, 2, and 3 as well!

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Blaze and you just had kits! Little Ice, a girl, and Rook, a boy. You have to cross to a area, wich is the safest way?

Through the river! Water is a safe place!
Across the thunderpath, it's the shortest way, and the kits need to learn about it
Through the woods, its short and easy
Through the shadows, undetected
Anyway! Just go!

You get to the area, Ice and Rook become hungry, but your tired, what do you do?

Send Blaze hunting
Go hunting yourself
Go hunting with Blaze
Sleep and then hunt
Rest, hunting can wait!

On the way home, your attacked by rouges! There's two of them, what do you do?

Protect the kits!
Run away!
Circle them!
Be intimating and scare them off

A old loner confronts you after the fight, his name is one-eye, he asks to join you, what do you do?

Invite him in!
Chase him off
Question him and the let him in
Growl but let him in, prove your dominance!
Leave it to Blaze, I'll take care of the kits.

One-eye joins willingly, you head back home and eat your food, Ice can't sleep, and Rook's still hungry, what do you do?

Hunt for rook
Stay with Ice
Tell Blaze to hunt while you take care of Ice
Tell Blaze to take care of Ice while you hunt
Tell one-eye to stay with the kits while you and Blaze go hunting