What Animal Are you? (32)

Find Out what animal you Are. I hope I chose the right one for you. Good luck!

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What's your favorite activity?

Hmm.. Probably what my friends do?
Ballet or something like that.
something like tag?
something where no one can bug me
Something that involves sports

Someone punches your friend in the face you

Run over there, Show em' whose boss, NO ONE messes with my friend.
I would Kill the person, if the friend was not annoying.
run to find the nearest adult
run around screaming Help till someone helps my friend
Quickly slap the other person in the face, grab my friend, run.

Someone is telling a boring story what do you do?

Say shut up! no one wants to hear that! you are so annoying.
Why ME? WHY?!!
Hum to myself wait.
start crying
think ERRR kill me now!

you Have a night mare you

It's just a dream, its just a dream *whimpers*
I Just about killed em' o_o
Wait, am I in dead?
says AHHH!
Huh? Zzzz

There's a new kid at school you

Umm, I am more shy than he is, can I trust him?
Another, Kill me now!
says Um.. Hello
HI I am ___!
Thinks Your cute!

Are you board?

uh possibly
Kill me!
*stampers* No!