What is the perfect job for you ?

What is the perfect job for you ?

Are you in a job you hate we'll take this quiz to find what job you should have next.maybe a artist

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What is your favourite colour

All of them
Blue or yellow
Light green
Dark green ,brown,lime green or purple
None of the above

Close your eyes what does your imagenasin see?

Just black
Me being a hero
My winning a game
A world of intresting never before seen animal
A blend off amzeing colours
None of the above

If you could be any place were would you be ?

In a world of my imagination
In a art stoudio
At a sports event
In the city at a donut shop
Just in some relaxing place
None of the above

What do you think about kids

I like them but would not have them
There cute
There awesome really won't some of my own
There cool maybe one day I might have some
There pretty cool
None of the above

What do you like to eat?

A big bowl of mac and cheese
A sandwich
A nice Italian dish
None of the above