The Mood Test

The Mood Test

This is the test that will estimate what your mood is Happy Sad Mad Scared Etc...

published on February 17, 201539 responses 23 4.0★ / 5

SOOO first off how are you?

Idk i can be happy sad mad at some points
Leave me alone!... (*Me Ok...)
Dont want to talk about it *Cry Cry *Tear
Omgh uhhh let me thing... hummm... well :D :D :D

What have you been doing to day?

Sitting and Watching TV with 2 buckets of Chocolate Ice Cream on my lap D:
Not Smiling! How About You little !&@%^ (*Me Ok... Sorry i asked)
Eating candy and stuff... having the BEST DAY of my life!
Idk Normal every day stuff.

Pick a Color

Pink/Green idk
Blue like how i feel D:
Red Balck mean colors D:<

Pink and Animal.

Wolf idk
Bunnies Ducks Little Piggies owls puppy's kitties (Me* I said One lol)
Any thing that will kill the person that i hate!
A Caged Dog the are sad

Im pretty sure you know how you feel Pick it

D: D: Sad
im happy as Fu*k !
Ummm Idk


Fu*k u!
YUM in my TUM
I want ice cream

How do you feel about this test?

So many Questions! (*me Not really)
IDK what do u think wdfbjhebfvkjwerbfcqjceb :D
I had nothing better to do with my life...

Last Q for this test!

Thank Gosh
Noo! (Me* Your Awesome)
Oh already!?!