What kind of Disney princess are you?

What kind of Disney princess are you?

Welcome Disney fans! In this quiz you will find out what type of Disney princess you are. I will also include new princesses, not just the traditional ones.

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Would you kiss a frog that told you that he'd turn into a prince?

Just one kiss.
What, no!
I love animals!
If he's cute.
Can you paint will all the colors of the wind?

Which best describes you?

I am a very hard worker and am determined to achieve my dreams.
I love animals!
The ocean is wonderful!
I like you for who you are.
Can I go outside mom? It's not that cold!
I have to go! (drops glass slipper)

Do you like homework?

Listen, i'm only doing that to pass this grade.
Only if It's about animals.
Nah, but it's for my own good. Well, at least that's what mum tells me.

Are you boy crazy?

Did you say boys? Where are they?!
Only if this answer makes me my favorite princess.

What princess do you want to be?

Snow White

Do you look forward to school?

Yes, but I don't like dissecting animals.
I'd rather shoot arrows than that.
Education is key.
I'm homeschooled.
Who looks forward to school these days?!

Are you good at cooking?

No, but I'm good at shooting arrows.
No but I'm good with animals!
Some sort.
Nah, cooking is not my thing.

Do you like wearing dresses?

Yes! They're having a sale at the mall, Wanna come?
Not really.

Which one of statements would be you?

I'm almost there!
Can I go outside?
I love animals!
How high does a sycamore grow?
If you had to change your fate would you?
I'm so glad I dropped my shoe, I got married to a prince!