are you emo!?

are you emo!?

This quiz is made by an "emo "girl so take it and find out even if your bored just take it for fun why not

published on June 27, 201465 responses 8 3.5★ / 5

What is your favorite colors?

black, white, and red
bright colors(pink,purple,yellow,etc)
What ever emos like i dont care

What bands to you like?

the wanted,1D,etc
never heard of any of them

what is your hair style?

Bangs that covers one eye to look cool
Layers that I tease and fringes
Ponytail or braid

how do you wear your makeup(if you wear makeup)

Eyeliner(even for guys) black eyeshadow
Foundation and a little eyeliner
Bright Colored eyeshadow and mascara

What clothes do you wear?

Cute colored shirt and skirt
Jeans and a t shirt
skinny jeans and a band t shirt

where would you shop at?

Hot topic
Victoria's secrect

Do you cut your self?

No that's not even emo
He'll ya it makes me look cool
Ewww I hate blood

what you depressed a lot?

Sometimes but it depends
No I'm happy all the time
All the time I just cry

do you think your emo?

do you think your emo?
Yes and I know it
No but people call me emo for the way I look
No I just got bored and said why not

Is the picture cute?

Is the picture cute?
Yeah and i like the heart
Awwww kitty
It makes me want to cry