Which Orange Is The New Black Character Are You?

Which Orange Is The New Black Character Are You?

Take this quiz, and discover your Lichfield alter ego...let's hope you aren't pornstache!

published on May 12, 201415 responses 1
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How do you like the food?

Who cares?
The food's gross, but I don't want to be starved out...
Is coconut supposed to be beige?
You don't like the food? Tough shit
I can't concentrate with all this lesbian activity...
Chocolate and vanilla swirl...
The bread of the Lord is all I need
Where's my stash, punk?!
I'm looking forward to the food in Bora Bora (Bora)

What is your greatest fear?

Being alone
Being discovered
Losing your religion
Someone breaking your f***ing heart
Cheating on your fiance
Being kicked out
Being the outsider

Sexiest actor on this list?

Laura Prepon...obvs
Jason Biggs is cute, but there's something about laura...
Taylor Schilling...such a dandelion!
Any of these bitchs tbh
The lord
My fiance
The licthfield chicken
any of the non-lesbian ones
Laura Prepon and Yael Stone...together...

What is your weapon of choice?

The power of the law
A crucifix
A starve-out
A wrench in your t***
Insanity...and a little urine...
Sarcasm, with just a hint of lesbian

What does love mean to you?

A connection that never really goes away
My fiance
My wrench in your...
Good food
Someone to save me from the lesbians
Somebody to be your wife

How do you like to flirt?

A cheeky smile, adjustment of the glasses...now come be my little spoon because I heart you
lips parted, puppy-dog
Tell you how much I like your titties, girls like that - and that is a tip!
I don't flirt, I screw over
I don't flirt...I have to stay loyal
I can't flirt, there are too many lesbians!
The Lord is my only love
Wit, humour, sarcasm, and a talent for licking pussy
My love is for my girls...nothing more