Naruto Wwffy Part 2

Part 2 of the previous quiz. Remember your last result. hrghyrehfjrklfhurei. ignore random typing...

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The next day, you see everyone sitting around a table. You notice ____ looking at you in a spacey type manner. You start to blush madly.
Who was looking at you?

No one... :(

Suddenly, the door opens. Everyone looks at the door. You see a girl with bright, red hair come in pulling on a blue-haired boy's arm.
What do you think of them?

Uhhh... wut?
Great... More morons...
They seem.... intresting
*doesn't care about red-head* He is okay

The girl tackles Sasuke. How do you feel about this?

I dont care! Sasuke is a stupid turd.
...Um... Jealous?
Um. Okay?
I am just confused right now!

"Hey, Sasuke, how's it goin'?" the girl looks at you "Oh, hi, who're you?"

I am (Y/N, L/N)! Who are you?
...(Y/N)... *thinking* get off Sasuke, or
you're dead.
My name is (Y/N).
Name's (Y/N)

"Im Luci, nice to meet ya!" The girl says enthusiastically.
Sasuke bites her arm.
"You meanie! That is no way to treat your cousin." Luci yells while hitting his head with a book.
"Don't hug me outta no where then!" Sasuke yells back.
You give this awkward relative thingy a weird look.

Ha! These two are clowns!
Oh... they're cousins.... Thats not in the
anime.... wtf? Neither are these two!
(A/N: its fan fiction. Deal with it!)
This could get interesting.
Im sorry what? *was too busy staring at
blue haired boy*

You feel a hand... er... arm on your head. You look up to see the other kid who was dragged here. He looks down at you.
"Hey, the name's Kyo. Nice ta meet ya, kid." He says.
A book meets his head.
"I bet she's the same age as us! Stop calling everyone kid!" Luci yells at him.
"You are a lousy twin sister. Cherry hair." Kyo says as if he doesn't care.
"Grrr... FIGHT ME, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SH-" Luci was cut off as someone poked the back of her neck.
who was it?

Naruto. Wait is that her weakness. *evil
flames lash out*
Luci: O-o
Sasuke. What the f**k?
Kakashi. I call child mole- *gets cut off by
Kyo. Why? Whyyyyy?

Luci's face turns bright red. She punches (boy of previous choice) in the face.
"What the heck! You know that is just WRONG!" Luci yells at him.
"Your point?" (B/O/P/C) says nonchalantly.

This is funny!
*Anime sweat drop moment*

Sakura hits both of them in the head. Luci flinched, she didn't know she was gonna get hit.
"Well, um we're going to do things. You can join who ever you like.

Your response?

Oh, uh, okay.
*shrugs* okay.

Kyo walks to the kitchen. Sasuke walks out the back door to the backyard. Kakashi goes to the bookshelf. Naruto heads upstairs. Luci sat on the couch, she looks mad.

Who do you follow?