will you survive the zurmbies

will you survive the zombies or will you DIE? survival of the fittest or survival of all?

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you come across a baby alone not bitten save behind a door but on the other side are more then three dozen walkers what do you do

save the baby and kill all the walkers and take to another group to care for
kill him/her it will only make it harder to survive
you run in and save him/her
leave him/her to die
leave baby but kill walkers and hope another group will find him/her
WTH who would kill a baby save him/her!
grab and save baby but give to a different group and move on

you come across a little girl on her own she is bitten but she says it was a dog what do you do.

give her supplies and leave
kill the girl
keep her in the shed and wait
don't risk it
put her out of her misery
treat her and then leave her
who would kill a child keep her in a different room

some man has gun to a healthy women's head what do you do

shoot and leave
she is healthy so save her
save her
not your worry leave
I have a lot of kids save the women
shoot the man and leave with woman

where would you go

fort up a place
place to place
stay at home
stay at friends house
to a school
anywhere with people

who would be in your group?

would you have family?
will you stay away from others?
will you only take in people fit?
will you only take in kids?
would you move from one group to another?
would you take every one you can find?
would you stay away from groups?
will you have friends only?

you have the baby and are being chased by a ton of walkers what do you do

say sorry to the baby kiss him/her and drop the baby
I wouldn't have a baby in my group
WTF! don't ditch the baby
bye bye baby
see ya later alligator
save the baby are you nuts WTF
grip baby and run like the wind

on the other side of a herd there is a town full of supplies what do you do

cover yourself in guts and move slowly
kill them all
find a different town
stay at a house until they move
find a safer way around
shoot your way though

you find a group of survivors with kids and babies and no food what will you do

give some food and leave
kill them all
give them most of your food
walk away
join the group
give food and move on