What do people think of you? (2)

Ever want to know what people think of you? Well this test will tell you.

published on February 26, 201719 responses 2
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your friend is telling you about his/hers problems what do you think

like i care what your talking about
poor child
is there anything i can do to help?
im gonna kill those people that upset him/her
so sad

your going out what do you chose to wear?

short dress i need to stand out
normal everyday pants and shirt and sneakers
long maxi dress or nice top and pants
skirt and top (long or short dose not matter)
jeans top
whatever i have in my closet
whats the point in this question?

your friend is leaving what do you say?

text me
bye i will miss you
cant wait to see you tommorow
bye i guess
bye remember two like me on (insta twitter facebook ect)
see ya later

your friend is accusing you of doing something you did not do, what do you do?

i didn't do it!
stop accusing me or bad stuffs gonna happen
do you know what i don't care
i'm done with you
i swear i didn't do it i promise
i didn't do it
okay i'm not going to keep arguing with you

your friend achieves something what do you think?

your amazing im so proud of you
you go gurl
i could have done that
well done
so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
howd ya do it

you want to go home because the party your at is lame how do you ask your( friend, boyfriend,parent ect) to pick you up

pick me up now this is totaly lame and everyone else is lame to
can you take me home plz i'm not really enjoying this its kinda boring
plz come pick me up
i'm tired plz can you pick me up?
not really enjoying myself do ya mind picking me up
i'm really sorry to bother you but can you pick me up?
pick me up now plz