What mythical creature are you! (1)

Find out what u mythical creature u are and were u stand in the magic world

published on May 30, 201518 responses 4
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What color of eyes do u have?

reds eyes, green eyes
gray eyes, yellow eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes, orange eyes
red eyes, orange eyes
blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes

Were do u live or what do u live near?

lives in water, lives near water
lives in forest, lives near forest
shaded places
broken down or toxic places

What do u eat

vegetables, fruits
flesh and meat
eats brains and flesh

Wen are u this mythical creature

Wen u come in contact with water
Wen its full moon
Always this way
All the time

What one do u like? pick below

loves dolphins, takes swimming lessons
mysterious, likes to be alone
mysterious, hates sun
has been bitten