Could You Be A Redstone Engineer?

Do you have what it takes to be one of the best redstone builders out there?

published on November 30, 20162 responses 0
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Whats the best redstone contraption you have ever made?

Auto farm/mine
Simple trap
Pressure plate in front of your door

Do you mine for redstone solely (Just for that item)

All the time!

Why do you build redstone contraptions?

For ease of minecraft life/For a cool house
To learn some more about minecraft
To impress my friends

How far do you work on your challenging creations?

I always work until they are completely functional
I push myself a little bit
I quit when it gets hard

What do you think when someone says: "Hey you wanna play minecraft after school?"

Definitely, I can finish that contraption I'm working on!
Definitely, I can try to make a new redstone build I saw someone make!
Definitely, I can try to make something new!

How much time do you put into your redstone builds?

5+ hours
2+ hours
less than an hour

How much time do you spend researching redstone?

1.5+ hours a day
45+ minutes a day
less that 20 minutes a day

Do you want to be a redstone engineer?

More than anything!
I'd like to
A little

Can you make a long drop trap? (If you don't know what that is, google it)

That's like preschool!
If I spent some time on it, yes

Do you plan out your contraptions to make the building easier?

All the time!
A couple times
Never really tried it