What Role Did You Play In The Trojan War?

The Trojan War is one of the most famous mythological wars in Greek history. What part did you have in this classic tale? Find out if you are Prince Achilles, Patroclus, King Odysseus, Prince Paris of Troy, Prince Hector of Troy, Diomedes, Agamemnon, Apollo, or Athena. (Please try to answer the questions as if you are living in Ancient Greece)

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What role would you prefer in war?

A soldier on the front lines
Tending to injuries in the healers tent
A strategic advisor
The face of the military, a representative
As long as I am helping somehow I'll do anything
A leader
A position of power and riches
I prefer to watch it unfold and step in during certain times
A general who fights in battle and in mind

A neighbouring country has declared war on you. As the ruler, you must decide your kingdom's course of action. What do you do?

Meet them outside the city and engage in battle
Let the council and advisors decide, I don't want to fight. Perhaps we can settle this through negotiations.
Send an embassy to trick them with words
I will venture outside the city myself and directly address them
Set up defense around the city and wait the siege out
Leave a few behind for defense and then destroy what we can of the enemy's supplies
I must protect the most valuable things first to ensure they are not stolen
My archers will defend the city walls.
Use a cunning strategy to fool the enemy

Which gift would you appreciate the most?

A new bronze-tipped spear
An old journal on healing techniques
A map of an undiscovered new land
An intricately carved silver mirror
A day off to spend with my friends and family
A brand new stallion, one of the fastest in the land
A chest of precious jewels
The Nine Muses playing a private concert for me
Honeyed wine and olive wreaths

Who do you turn to in times of need?

My companion
My lover
My family
I love myself
Advisors and councilors who know what is best
My longtime best friend
I have no one but myself, and I trust no one but myself
My twin/other sibling
I do not need help from others

Today is a day to honour and celebrate you? What kind of festivities would you prefer?

A numbers of athletic games and contests held
A small gathering of my and a few others
A feast for my friends and family
A grand week-long festival celebrating myself
I prefer to not have too much attention on me
A night of wine, dancing, and fun, telling (slightly exxagerated) tales of all my adventures and encounters
Receiving many precious gifts
A celebration with dancing and music
A simple prayer

Which Greek god/goddess do you like the most?

The gods do not deserve my favour
I respect all the gods

You have been invited to watch an opera, which do you want to attend?

A dramatic battle retelling
A touching drama
A witty comedy
A grand tragedy (basically every Greek story there is)
A classic tale
A critical satire
A crude and bold slapstick
A beautifully written and composed opera
Something meaningful and memorable

Why do you fight?

It is my destiny
To not be separated from my loved ones
I am forced to
To show off
To protect my family
I enjoy the thrill and wisdom I gain
The land and riches
It amuses me
I step in when I must

You prefer to marry . . .?

Someone who understands me
For love
Someone intelligent
The most impressive suitor
Someone who can raise a good family
Whoever I must
For power
I don't want to settle down with one person
Not at all

Your favourite outfit?

A polished suit of bronze armour
A simple chiton
A practical tunic with a hidden weapon
A grand ensemble with gold and silvers bands on my arms and ankles. I want to show off my looks.
Something I can work in easily, a classic tunic
Whatever is given to me/is in my wardrobe
I don't want an elaborate outfit, but a crown or circlet to remind others of my rank
In all white, loose, clothing
A helmet and spear with my regular clothes

Your worst enemy?

The only one that can match my skills
The one that threatens my loved ones
The one who is too stubborn
The one who insults me
An enemy of my family or friend is an enemy of mine
The one who takes things from me
Whoever disrespects me
Anyone that challenges me