Which Gregor The Overlander Chacracter Are You?

Which Gregor The Overlander Chacracter Are You?

You can be any of the characters from the underland series! See from 13 people who YOU are!

published on February 11, 20216 responses 0
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You are in the jungle all alone. What do you do?

Well i have to retrace my steps back to civilazation.
Where are the nibblers? "Cevian?"
I will just take a secret tunnel!
This is interesting. Well i will just fly around
This is no problem. Its WAY better than the deadlands!
Well. I have been living here for years. I should know my way around.
This is familiar ground. i should be safe
i wonder if i can speak plant?
Hey wait a minute! WHO PUT ME HERE???
BEEG plant!
Where are my troops? why arent they here to save me??
I shall remember my steps back to regalia.
Well i really have nothing to lose.

Wait what are you doing in the abandon nursery?

Nothing just came to check it out.
uhh. I am the queen why do you ask of such things?
Getting some fresh air.
i am just admiring sandwich's work.
Why do you care?
Minding my own business.
im looking. thats it.
i am studying
I am minding my own business. UNLIKE YOU!!
baby mouse!
I am thinking about the gnawers
Sitting. Waiting. Thinking.
I am doing things of such you dont know.

You are on the water way with you and 2 other people. you have a choice, one person can eat normal food and the rest have to eat raw fish. What will you do?

Give them to me! I need them more than you peasent!
Go ahead take them im fine!
I need it! im the better fighter!
Mine yummy!
Please you need it more than me.
hm i guess you can have it...
Pfhh. i have the shell fish! There a delacacy!
i can eat fish!
Are you challenging me? Of course i will eat the fish!
eat it, you will, eat it
Of course i am going to take the food! i am of the most importance here!
It says so in the prophecy i eat fish. so i will.
That food would be enough for maybe a day to me! I will eat the fish!

You have arrived in a war scene. What is the first thing to do?

Scan the area for anything useful
Dive, Dive, Dive!
Where is a good place to start?
Spin, Spin, SPIN!!!
We don't have to fight! All this is going to do is make everything worse on both sides!
Im out!
*Speaks in gnawer* stop it please!
Where cookie?
Left squadron move in! Right squadron stay by me!
We can talk this all out!
We have to play tactical!

You are in a dark cave with gnawers surrounding you. What do you do?

try to use echolocation to fight them.
Run to the nearest light source
Try to communicate
Go in for the kill. And kill them all
Run away.
Try not to attack only if neccesary.
Call in an army
Try to reason with them
Try to sneak away
act like they are not there and go away
Fly away as fast as possible
Gre-Go beeg claws!
Pretend to be injured.