Which of These Marked are you???

Which of the Marked are you?? Conor, Meilin, Abeke, or Rollan? Why don't we find out???

published on July 15, 201416 responses 11
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Where do you think you would like to live?

A city
The desert
A small town
Somewhere with a big house with other big houses around it

What is your favorite type of work?

Something quiet, like herding sheep
A workout, ending with a fighting match with my trainers
Something that would benefit my family and/or friends

What is your favorite food out of these?

Anything edible that I won't get sick from. Bread, maybe.
Fresh antelope meat
Something exotic, like octopus.

What is your fighting style?

Sneak Attacks
Hands and Feet
Try to make friends, then intimidate them into sbmission

Which special abilities would you like most?

stealth, climbing, etc.
Being able to read people
calmness, being good at making the right choices
enhanced sight, speed, and smell