would you survive the purge?

this quiz will allow you to see if you could make it through the purge! THIS IS VERY GORY!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

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the warning comes on the t.v for the purge! what is the first thing you do?

RUN! go into the basement until the purge is over!
grab a barbed baseball bat and a mask! IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!

there is a little girl on you doorstep! she is saying that she needs help! what is your move?

shoot her! she is a spy! don't be dumb
open the door! SHE IS BLEEDING!!!

what do you do if you find a pack of bombs on your porch?

take it inside! they could come in handy!
leave it there! they might go off!

so the box of bombs were active and you blew up the nighbors house! what do you do?

Laugh they were jerks anyway!
dang it!!!!!!!!

someone throws a rock at your window! what do you do?

shoot the person!
let it be