A date with Thor, God of Thunder

It is literally what it says in the title. It gets a little frisky though, so be ready! Also, this test is set in Infinity War times, so Loki is long gone. (Cries, sniffles,) But hey, at least you've got Thor!

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A date with Thor, God of Thunder

You are set up by one of your friends with Thor Odinson. Oh wow, I get to meet him in person! The date is in your hotel room. You hear a loud banging on the door. "Oh sh*#, it's him!" You say quietly, and realize you did NOT dress for the occasion. Oh well. You walk over to the door to the hotel room, and he is so damn close to the door that he practicly breathes in your face. Wow, he's so close already. You can't believe that you match his height, either. You hold open the door, and he steps in. You close it. He looks around. (Thor) Nice place. What do you say?

(You) It is nice, isn't it? I made sure it was perfect for when you came. (Thor) (Holds Axe with one hand, and with the other points at it,) Where can I put Stormbreaker? (You) The couch is fine.
(You) It's all in prefrence. (Thor) You have a kitchen! We can cook something? (You) (Chuckles,) Yes Thor, we can make something to eat.
(You) I've been living here for a week now, it is, REALLY nice. (Thor) Ok, what is happening? What are we doing for this "date"? (You) I was thinking, COOK. (Thor) YES!

Thor puts Stormbreaker down on the couch, and starts humming. You get extremely confused. (You) Why are you humming? (Thor) I'm on a date! Why else? (You smile,) I'm hungry. (You) Do you want to help me cook something? (Thor) Cook what? It depends. (Smiles.) (You) (Select what you would like to cook with Thor below)

Let's make some spaghetti! (Thor) I don't know how to make that. Can you teach me? (You) Sure! (Hums) (Thor smiles, because you are humming like he was.)
A sandwhich? (Thor) I don't really like sandwhiches. (You) Oh.
Salad! (Thor) I love myself a good salad. (You) That's perfect, because I have all the ingrediants! (Thor smiles, he loves your attitude.)
How about, an omlet? (Thor) I don't know what that is. (You) Oh, it's an egg, but yummier. (Thor) I don't like eggs that much. They taste weird. (You) Oh-k.

You gather the ingrediants to whatever you're making, and Thor drops one of the items for the food. You keep a cool head, pick it up/clean it up, and by the end, the food is done. That is all that matters, right? You tell him to sit at the table, and you put the food on plates. You also take some time to put on a dress. (Thor) What is taking so long? (You) This. (You walk out of the kitchen, food in hand, dress on. Thor looks shocked. He thinks you are so sexy in that. You place the plates on his side and yours, and sit down. Thor digs in right away, and you realize how funny he looks when he's eating. Not funny, no, it just looks like he hasn't eaten in a long time. (Thor) This is SO good! Hard work pays off, am I right? (You) Yes. Yes it does. [Ask him a question or two!]

(You) Hey Thor? (Thor) Yes? (You) You've got something on your mouth. (Thor) Oh, I do? Come here then. (You) Come here? (Thor) We're on a date, the least you can do is lick it off. (You blush,) C'mon, it's not that hard. Just, kiss me.
(You) Where is Loki? (Thor) (Cries,) He got killed, by Thanos. (You) Oh, no... (You get up walk over to him, and give him a hug. He smiles, and hugs you back, you wipe off his tears with your finger. He takes your hand, and kisses it.) (Thor) Thank you.
(You) I'm suprised that your on a date after all you've been through. (Thor) I know. I shouldn't have? (You) You are anyways. It's fine to go on a date, just, (Sighs,) don't worry about it. (You feel small, and you literally shrink in your seat. Thor smiles, and says, (Thor) Well, at least I'm on a date with someone who is beautiful. (You sink even further in your seat, trying to hide that you're blushing.)
(You) How did you get here? (Thor) My Axe. (Chuckles,) A bit obivious, shouldn't it be? (You) Oh, yeah. (Thor) (Laughs,) Your FUNNY! (You) Am I? (Thor) YES! I love that! (You smile, and your cheaks get warm. Oh, shoot. Your blushing in front of him...)

(Thor) What are some of your hobbies?

I like to sing, dance, and write untill the lights go out! (Thor) I love how creative you are. Having activities to do like that can really make you fun. (You) Make ME, FUN? (Thor) I'd like a spouce like that. (You blush.)
I am very active. I run/walk everyday, and I weight-lift higher than 15's. (Thor) That's good. Staying active really helps. And it gives you THESE. (Shows off muscles, and you blush so hard you want to disapear. He can tell you're blushing, and says,) Oh, now I've made you BLUSH. Oh, I'm horrible, aren't I? (You practically squeak out,) You aren't horrible. Just very, good-looking.
I like to sit and think all day. I daydream a lot. Head's lost in the clouds. (Thor) I can help you re-connect? (You) No, I like feeling lost in my thoughts. (Thor) Oh,...
I am very quiet and secluded. I do a lot of Yoga and stretching, and I like to meditate. (Thor) Helps keep you in a sane state of mind. That's good.

(Thor) I think it's time we did something. (You) Like what? (Thor) Like, have fun? (You) What is "fun" for you? (Thor) You,... (You) What? (He gets up, takes you out of your chair, and pins you to a wall. You feel nervous, is it ok to feel this aroused ALREADY? you think as he starts to kiss your neck. He then bites into your neck, with pressure, and you let out a squeak. Was Thor the God of Thunder just making out with you, and now you feel aroused? Oh yeah, he is. He licks your neck all the way up to your chin, and then says this, (Thor) I want to kiss you now. You accept? What do you say?

How did you know that I like that? (Thor) Like what? This? (Touches hickie mark,) (You) No,... Well yes, but, pinning me? (Thor) Oh, I just knew. (You) Ok, then you wouldn't mind leaving another one? (Turns head to other side,) (Thor) Oh! No problem! (He gives you another hickie, and this time you moan. He gets confused.) Are you ok? You are making noises. (You) Oh I'm fine, this is just how you know I like it. (Thor) OH. (He kisses you.)
It's not that hard, just... Kiss me... (Thor) Oh, you're playing hard-to-get! (You) Am I? (He kisses you, and you put your tounge into his mouth. He does the same. You two are really rowdy already!)
Sure, I'm already aroused! (He kisses you.)
Um, maybe some other time, in bed maybe? (Thor) Oh, (Chuckles,) It. Is. ON.

Thor continues to kiss and pin you, and you ask him if he would sleep with you. He says, (Thor) Why not? Your sexy! (You blush.) You two make it to the hotel bed, and kiss the night away. He may be kissing you NOW, but who knows if HE'S playing hard to get, right? You wake up the next morning, happy to see him still next to you. So what did you think of this expirence with Thor? He may love you,...

Loved it. The whole thing.
It was ok,...
I didn't really like it that much,... Just wanted to see what it was like.
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