What Pokemon Type are you? (1)

What Pokemon Type are you? (1)

This quiz might also have a part 2 just for the secondary type you can be. Depends on if I get lazy or not. This quiz involves all types, including fairy type.

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Pick one, brain or brawn

Don't make me choosee

Let's start easy. Pick a color


In Difficult Situations you-

I thrive under pressure.
If I'm honest with myself, to be honest I most of the time crack under pressure.

Socially which one most applies to you. If you apply to more than one just pick one.

I like to think of myself as the leader of my group of friends, whether they admit to it or not. I'm usually the one planning out our next endeavor.
Social activities sorta have a draining to me. To recharge though I enjoy some time to myself.
I LOVE social activity. I'm not a fan of time to myself.
I'm always careful with every word I say, I'm afraid I'll say something wrong that will rub them the wrong way
I'm very Selective as to who I let in.
I'm the one people look up to when they need a hand. They can' always count on me.
My social circle depends on each other for everything, were like a family.
I'm a giver, I enjoy looking out for my friends, getting them things, giving them gifts, there's nothign like a smile to tell you that you nailed it.

Final Question everybody!
Lets imagine a large scale open world RPG fanatasy game has hit the market and you are playing it. There is a variety of 18 different characters you can play (all customizable) and they all have different stories and perspectives. Which one of these are you going to play?

An average person, thinking their life would end up average... just like everybody else's, who is then whisked away on a life changing adventure.
A hot headed mage whom is trying to find out where their significant other had vanished to (could be a friend, lover, maybe a family member I don't know you decide). They will stop at nothing until they rescue them.
An informant who falls in love with the mage, but chooses to stand by them regardless of the mages mission... or not...
An energetic priest whom is very good at what they do.
A druid who lives out in the woods in perfect harmony with nature.
A beast master that lives in seclusion. They tame beasts like dragons, and many creatures of legend
The skilled blacksmith who seeks an adventure
The powerful Sucubi/Incubi
The orc seeking vengeance for the slaughter of his village
The fairy who acts like a guide for the rest of the team.
The prophet who has received a vision of the end times- whom nobody believes.
The high elf that came from a noble family, whom has run away from home.
The Rock golum that has rebelled from is creator
The assassin out to kill the the next in line for royalty
A person raised to be a dragon slayer, who doesn't quite have it in them to kill
A thief next up on the chopping block
A knight that has been summoned by the king for a special quest
The next heir to the kingdom

(this is mostly here for the random factor, seeing that I just stuck a bunch of random points in random places)


Your are now in high school and must choose a club! Which one would you choose!

Chess Club.
Random Club. I know it sounds like something from 2009 or whatever but its a club that does literally anything. You'll never know what they are going to do next.
Charity Club. A club dedicated to charity work and volunteer work to help the needy. Sometimes participates in Social Justice debates. Its mission statement is helping those who need helped.
Comedy Club. A club dedicated to comedy. Incidentally the members of this club are the masters of Senior Prank Week.
The Work-o-Holics club
A club dedicated to helping yourself and others succeed in your goals.
Nature Club. A club that studies nature firsthand. Going on hikes, camping trips, and more!
Party Club. A club for people who loveee to party, otherwise you're not going to have a good time here.