First period quiz (2)

It is impossible to tell exactly when you will get your first period but this should give you a good idea. I hope it helps!

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How old are you


What are your boobs like

What boobs
Budding at the nipple
Starting to round out
Fully developed (like a woman's)

Is your skin greasy/do you have pimples or acne

It's oily and I have some pimples
My face is covered in acne/pimples

Do you have pubic hair (hair down there)

A little bit/a few light strands
About half way developed/starting to curl
Yes fully developed. Bushy curly covers the whole area

Do you have armpit hair

A few light strands
Yes but only a little
YES I have to shave about once a week
YESS I have to shave like everyday

Do you have leg hair

No/my legs look the same as they always have
A little
Starting to become more noticeable
My legs look like a gorillas.

Do you get discharge (white/yellow stuff in your underwear)

Eww no
A little and only a few times
Quite a lot and a few times a week
A LOT and everyday

How long have you had discharge

I don't
A couple of weeks
1-3 months
4-5 months
6-12 months
Longer than a year

Do you get spotting (drops of blood in your discharge)


Do you get mood swings

A few times
YES all the time

Do you get cramps

A few times

Have you had tender breasts

A little bit but only when you touch them
Yes. They hurt even when I just run/walk

Have you had cravings

Only a few times (2-4 times this month)
Yes like all the time
Kind of a lot (like 1-5 times a week)