Which "Dark Element" Pony are you?

Which "Dark Element" Pony are you?

Slaughter Shy, Pinkamena, Rainbow Lash (My OC), Killer Jack (My OC), Little Miss Rarity or the Unfaithful Student(Twilight)?

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Hello, EveryInsanePony! Welcome to the Mansion of Insanity!

Any Library with books of Dark Magic?
The Cobwebs give me great Fashion Sense!
No Animals! I'll kill you!
Don't make me fly!
No Parties!
No Apples!

What is your food? (Magically)

Elegance, Generosity and Fashion!

I don't get any Questions! I call upon each Insane Pony to talk to you! Your number's up, Pinkamena.
Pinkamena : Say it Right!
Me : Okay.. Pinkamena Diane Pie!

She was Right! You must say the name completely!
Pinkamena : That's what I call Insane!
Whatever... I'm waiting for another person!
Yeah... Me too!
Same Here....
Don't make me feel bored, you dumb head!
Can't you see I'm reading?

Okay... Next one's Rainbow Lash!
Rainbow Lash : What is your Weapon?

Rainbow Lash : :)
Cupcake Maker!
Me : So Silly.....
Horrible Things!

Slaughter Shy is the next interviewer!
Slaughter Shy : Um.. Where would you kill your victims?

In the Slaughter House!
Slaughter Shy : You're like Me!
In a Closed Place with No one around!
In the Boutique!
Me : With Customers?
Me : Too Creepy...

Little Miss Rarity Time!
Little Miss Rarity : Fine, Darling. How do you kill your Victims?

Swipe my Chainsaw!
Use Dark Magic!
Whip Them!
With my Looks!
Little Miss Rarity : You are me!
Lie to them that they'll have a Party and Torture them to death!
Drain their Blood!
Me : So Creeepypasta like I'm gonna Freak Out!

The Princess of Harmony- I mean Discord is here!
The Unfaithful Student : Okay! How often do you worry about Things?

Only if I look good!
If I have Parties!
If a single Animal comes to me!!!
If anyone says I'm Awesome!
If anyone acts Honestly!
If I learn Magic of Harmony!
The Unfaithful Student : Me too!

That's all for Today! *A Pony with Long Hair enters*
"You forgot Me!"
Me : Right! Excuse Me, but we have one more Interviewer! Killer Jack!
Killer Jack : Don't Kill me! I am the one to Kill! Okay.. What is your favorite color?

It's certainly not the color of Rainbows...
Silver! The Color of my Chainsaw!
Not Red!
Killer Jack : Me Neither!
Black! Dark Magic!

Me : Sorry for making it Short!
Pinkamena : It was Fun, but not what I wanted!
Rainbow Lash : I like it! Not Awesome!
Unfaithful Student : I had Fun!
Little Miss Rarity : Same Here!
Killer Jack : I didn't have Fun because you forgot me! Me : So Sorry....
Slaughter Shy : I didn't have to Slaughter you!

I think Slaughter Shy is Right!
I had fun too!
Same Here!
You did not have to forget Killer Jack!
Me : Sorry again...
A non-awesome quiz! Well done!
It was Good!