does your girl crush like you?

well, basically as the name implies for boys only ;) sorry girls, i don't know boys all that we (jk my bff is guy)

published on May 07, 201419 responses 0
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does she laugh at your jokes (even the semi-stupid ones)

only the really funny ones
yea it's kinda cute
some times. kinda annoying it's like she turns it on and off
not really
never and she always is mean and rude when i do tell jokes

how does she talk to you? (if at all)

she goes out of her way to avoid me :'(
like a best friend
she always is smiling and giggling and adorable
like an acquaintance
she will talk to me but sometimes she ignores me :(

how much does she know about you?

she remembers my birthday
she remembers a shirt (or anything else) i wore/did three (or any time span) years ago
um. she remembers that i needed help with an assignment. :|
um. it's kinda creepy she remembers somethings but not others, like little details she wont but conversations she will
nothing she knows NOTHING

how often does she try to touch you(sometimes she is just a 'touchy' person remember)

all the time (lightly hitting me, when we're sitting pushing out her leg so it touches mine, etc.)
sometimes, as if an accident
totally accidental
um almost never and only if she has to.
NEVER she goes out of her way to NOT touch me

how much does she tell you

almost everything just one thing that she promises to tell later
somethings but ya know nothing personal...
just mostly jokes or gossip or whatever
not much just assignments i missed
nothing we don't talk... at all

how often do you im,text, email, video chat, Facebook,twitter,instagram etc

never, i have her added but she wont add me :'(
every day or as much as possible
sometimes but sometimes she's on and she acts like she's not when i try to contact her
like every weekend
um randomly