So we left off where you met me, Shadow, Silver, and Sonic! Lets find out what else happens!

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Hey guys a new person is here! Oh yeah um whatever. Shadow says. Forget him! Silver says. Its nice 2 meet ya! He smiles at u. Hey are u guys hungry? Sonic asks. Yeah... Katlyn says. Hey __. Are you?

Yeah what should we get?
Yeah can we get sum CHILI DOGS!?
(Me: ok ok chill! XD)
What do you think! Get me sumthing rite now! (Me: your kinda rude ...)

I am. You say. But i will go eat 2nite! Umm ... Ok ... Katlyn says. Where are you going 2 eat? The boys ask. ITs a fancy restraunt. You say. Oh ok. The boys say. Can we go? Silver asks. Actually its girls nite out. You say. Oh ok. The boys say.

Girls nite out? Coool! (Me: :D)
This is sweet!
Girls nite out? Really? I dont want 2 go! (Me: i am gonna make u!)

Its nite time, the boys are asleep. You and Katlyn silently go upstairs to change, Katlyn wears a red tight short dress. And you wear a ___,___.

A white, strapless, short, glittery at the top dress.
A blue, long dress, with ribbons wrapped around. Also strapless.
A red and black dress with one strap, and a red bow on the back of the dress. Also glittery.

I have 2 do sumthing real quick first, Katlyn said. Ok. U said. But meet me at the restraunt Katlyn said. Ok. U said.

Well i guess i will be bored 4 a while ...
Oh well...

You go to the restraunt, but by accident you woke up ONE of the boys and they started dressing up fancy 2 c u.