could you be related to Kim Kardashian?

could you be related to Kim Kardashian?

Could you be a long lost relative of the Kardashian Klan and even hold a claim to their fame and fortune?

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Lets start with the basics. We can tell peoples genes from their appearance. Your eyes ?

Caucasian (rounded, european eyes). Darker
Asian eyes.
Lighter coloured caucasian eyes

Your hair?

On the darker scale; Dark Brown, Blacks
Medium; Lighter Browns, chestnut
Lighter hair ; Light blondes, ginger , Blondes,
strawberry blonde

Your Face shape ?

Oval shape // Rounded Shape
Heart shape face or a square shape
Un even // rectangular // other

Your skin tone

Light ; very pale, pale, pinky and un touched
by the sun
Medium // Medium Deep : Warmer , sun
kissed tones, olive , peach, natural tan ,
Dark ; Very deep brown, dark brown,

Your Cheek Bones are ;

Very Noticeable
Not Noticeable

Some personalities are hobby preferances can be passed down through genes. Select which is most like you ;


When you feel sad you ;

concentrate on another activity to try and
change your mood

Youre at the hottest club in LA , you notice Jennifer Lawrence, you;

stand there and pause. Is. That. JENNIFER
steadily walk over ...
Take a long deep breath and stumble over to

...She notices you and you both make eye contact,...

...She notices you and you both make eye contact,...
You quickly look away and drop your head to
the floor in panic !
you smile at her and take a seat beside her.
give her a friendly smile before quickly
looking away in realisation that its her!

you are given one last option to do something , the star looks tired, like she may leave.

You give her the comfort of treating her as a
normal human being, not a star. you engage
in conversation and manage to take her
You ask her for a selfie before she leaves !
You begin a coversation and only let the
coversation be about her , showing her your
interest in herself.

Kim Kardashian is yet to miss out on a fame opportunity such as the one youve just experienced. Are you a confident person?

I am a confident person
No im not a confident person
fifty fifty. i can be?

Whats your background?

I am of northern descent: European,
Germanic, Russain, canadian , dutsch, Irish,
white American etc
I am of Eastern descent: Northern Africa
(Egypt, etc) Pakistan,Indian , Asian ,
Armenian, Native American/ australian
I am of Southern Descent: Southern and
western african , Southern American (Mexico
and caribean, etc)

do you think that you could be somewhat related to Kim Kardashian ?

Yes i somewhat think that perhaps i could be !
i think that maybe i could even be related to
I do not think that i am in any way related to
Kim or her Klan.