what are you inside?

what are you inside?

are you insane sad happy angry or goth see what you are on this quiz and please tell me what you get!

published on October 16, 201571 responses 33 4.3★ / 5

fav song

monster by meg and dia
imortal Evanescence
happy Pharrell Williams
Headstrong Trapt

fav type of quiz

idk what quiz
every one
i hate all of them they are stuped

fav type of story

i don't realy know *rubs arm*

ok fav animal

dog to rip up people
i like the aggression of tigers so ill have tigers
cheetah to run away as fast as i can

what do you do you see a girl at school who is being bullied

run away i don't wan't to be bullied
murder the bullies that night
help them bully the girl
tell a teacher then ask if she would like to hang out some time

fav story

ghost of cruchfeld hall
something with anger manigment
i don't want to talk about it