What powers do you have?

What powers do you have?

What powers would you have? Find out with this! (These are not all elemental powers!)

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What types of songs do you like?

A mix!
Relaxing music!
Beautiful, expressive music!

Where do you like to hang out most?

Somewhere I can be free!!!
Somewhere close to nature!
The library! It's always so quiet...
I love a lot of places!
At a loud party!
On a sports field!
Anywhere in my house!

What do you like wearing?

Loose, floaty clothes!
Clothes from the 60s/70s/80s/90s!!
I wear my own style!
A singlet (boys)/ a tank top (girls) and shorts (both)
Anything that I find adventurous!
Shorts and a short-sleeves shirt!
Simple. T-shirt. Pants.

What animal do you like best?

I love all animals!
Rhinoceroses, elephants, big animals!
Dogs or wolves!
Small pets that don't take much effort to look after!

What is your favourite color?

Don't have a favourite colour
Fluro colours!
Dark colours!
Basic colours (e.g. blue red yellow green etc.)
I have a lot of favourite colors!
Bright eye-catching colours!