My First Sonic WWFFY Part 3

My First Sonic WWFFY Part 3

Sorry but the results won't be as romantic as my last quiz but my story in the one will lead to my next story.

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You wake up to yelling from what sounded like some girl outside. You change and see silver screaming, everyone looked mad but you. Amy: All it was is a spider. Silver: Get it Away, Get it Away! You:*giggles* You go to see the spider, it was under the sink You: Is silver afraid of spiders? Amy: Extremely.

Me too (Meeh)
Spiders, really?
Ha, That was funny
Silvers weak

Amy: After training we should get you your own clothes with some friends of mine. You: Great! *Time Skip* Silvers going to train you to use psychokinesis. Silver, Sonic, shadow and you go to a old casino that was closed years ago. Silver: Now we won't be found by eggman and with Sonic and shadow here no worries.

I feel safer at home
Wee safe when I'm around
Let's do this

Silver: First we need to...*Robots start surronding you guys* Sonic: Looks like were having a brawl. All of you go into fighting stances *You hear gun shots* Silver:What was that. When you turn around the robots had arrows in them

OMG, we have bosses in the house
Who's doing this
but I want to destroy them
Meeh(Only thing I could think of)

Soon all the robots were destroyed and the gun shots stop. Two female Hedgehogs enter, one with dark blue fur with a plaid vest and the other pink with brown, curly hair. Silver:Felicia! Dark Blue Hedgehog: Silver! *The dark blue hedgehog hugs silver and kisses him on the cheek* Sonic: What up Kate. *Sonic fist pumps the light pink hedgehog*

Why did she kiss my Silver (Deal with it B) )
Sonic's my Bff
They look stupid (They look epic to me)
Who are they? (Felicia the hedgehog and Kate the hedgehog)

Shadow;Why are you here and who told you we were here? *A dark pink hedgehog appears form the shadows(Yep its me) Dark pink Hedgehog: I intercepted a message from eggman to his robots. Sonic:___ this is Aqua, Aqua this is ___. Aqua: Nice to meet you ___. *You shake hands with me* Aqua: The guys told me loads about you *All the boys blush while the other girls giggle*

So many oc's (There's only three)
Whats your power
Wow, I can't believe how much this sucks (Well your mean)

Silver: Now let's get this training done so we don't get interrupted again. First find a object to pick up and think of it moving in air. *You do as Silver said and you picked up a chip on the floor.

Now I don't need to pick up the remote
I don't nee( Yes you do) >:(
can I do lot's with it? (Lot's)
Well this is useful

Silver: now try and pick Felicia up. Felicia: What?! *You pick up Felicia with your psychokinesis no sweat and put her down* Felicia: Not funny Silver: Your good but I bet you can't pick up the piano! *You pick up the piano with psychokinesis * Silver stands in aw and so does everyone else. Silver: We must never let eggman capture you.

Protect me Silver
Sonic let's beat that egghead
I gotta show Tails
I can protect myself

Me/Aqua: Gotta go! *runs* You soon notice that night was approaching any you should get home. *Time skip* When you go into the house you see me on on the couch listening to music on my ipod. Sonic: Don't take Aqua's headphones off at night time. You: Why? Sonic: You'll see soon enough.

I'm scared now ( >:) )
I'm doing it anyway (NO!)
I'm not going to do that (*sighs*)
I'm going to bed now (Goodnight)

Than-k you for all the supporting my Sonic wwffy and I hoped you enjoyed the ending please tell me how I can make my wwffy even better.

That sucked
I'll comment
Next on please