How racist are you?

Do you see people by their actions or their color? Do you judge people based on stereotypes? Do you even want to know? ... Yes. Take this quiz. You might be surprised.

published on November 22, 201466 responses 22 3.8★ / 5

Your at a soccer game you hear an angry hispanic man shouting at his team in Spanish. What is your first response?

Angrily yell, "you're in America! Learn English!"
Shout Go, team, go!
Yell racial slurs.
Tell the man to chill out & call him Paco.

While walking through the grocery store, you suddenly encounter a cloud of stench. You look to the left and see a middle eastern Indian family. What is your first response?

Did I forget to wear deodorant today?
Ask the stranger next to you if they know what that smell is, then pinch your nose and
look in the offender's direction.
Loudly tell them to use the "towels" on their heads to clean their pits.
Cough loudly and glance at them as you walk by.

Your in the Starbucks line and you see a white chick in leggings smacking her gum while she played candy crush on her I pnone 6+. What is your first response?

Move up, Barbie. Did your daddy not teach
you that when he bought you that Mercedes?
You already drink too much coffee move up
Money Bags
Mumble about how busy you are under your breath and roll your eyes.
It's like looking in a mirror

You walk into an H&R Block with your tax return & the man at the desk is Asian. What is your first response?

He must be a very smart man
Oh, good! A math genius! I'm obviously in the
right place!
Sh**. He's not Jewish.
I wonder if he'll let me pay him in rice? It's not like he can see right?

When you are driving down the road you see a car swerving from side to side and speeding. You see that he is African American what is your first response?

Is he part Asian? Oh, it's a woman. That makes sense.
They must be really tired.
Shouts racial slurs
Huh, I thought he was Asian...