At the moment of truth, do you act or freeze?

At the moment of truth, do you act or freeze?

Scenario 1: A puppy is about to get run over by a car, will you jump and save him, or stand frozen? Scenario 2: Allot of people tell you this girl/boy likes you, finally the two of you are alone, will you ask him/her the question or remain frozen? Find out now!

published on September 23, 201456 responses 16
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Hey! How Are You?! Quick! Answer!

I am fine lol.
Umm, I'm fine.
Good! Yourself?! :)
I don't know.

129:13+2,303:25=? Quick!

I don't know really...
Either a large or small number.
I'm bad at math.

Philosophical question: Why do we exist? Quick!

Again, don't know :)
So many options, I don't knooow!
It's controversial. :)
I am too tired for philosophy right now, sorry...

A stranger asks for you name. You (Quick!):

Tell him (no time to think of a lie)
"Sorry, but that's private"
You tell me first please?
"strawberry munchpie" hehe

You're a nooob!

Why are you mean?
Thanks :)
I don't care what you think! :(
Perhaps, at some things...

5... 4.. 3.. 2. 1!...

You know how to count backwards, that's nice!

You're playing your favourite game (it can be a sport, a video game, anything), and the opponent is THIS close to winning! It's all up to you, you must stop him/her. Lose or win, life or death, do you choose: (must answer honestly)

I will freeze. This is too much pressure.
I will do whatever I can to stop him/her.
It's okay, they can win. I'll win another time.

Did you enjy this quiz? Answer, quick!

Not really, but good effort!
It was fun.

What result do you think you'll get?

I am someone who freezes.
I don't mind one way or the other.
I am someone who takes action.