What color are you? (47)

Answer the questions and write down which number you think is most like you. At the end add up how many of each you have got

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What would you do if you were in a race and someone on the other team was hurt?

Slow down but then speed
off when you have seen that
someone else is going to
help them
Straight away go and help
them to finish the race
Call a teacher over and then carry on
Run straight past them

What would you do if someone was bullying your friend?

Hurt the other person physically
Say something mean to the other person
Talk to the other person and see why they are being mean to your friend
Call over a teacher and as you are leaving whisper a threat into the bully's ear

Which emotions do you feel expresses you?


If you were an animal, what do you think you would be?


How many friends do you have?

A small group ( everyone else is annoying!)
I don't know- everyone's my friend!
A few big groups ( I'll probably make some more though!)
5-8 (that's enough I don't want any more!)

What would you rather have?

Black hair, green eyes
I don't really know
Im happy with myself as I am!
Blue, big eyes, blonde hair, slim figure

If you saw someone (who wasn't your friend) in trouble would you...?

I would help them straight away
I would look at them and then walk off
I would ignore them
I would ask if they were ok then move on