What does Santa Clause think of you this year ?

I'm so bored and I just decided to make this quiz and happy holidays once again and don't forget that Christmas is actually about family time and Jesus! And by the way I know Santa Clause is probably not real and I think he's real but I think he's not. Well, you know what I mean and I know! You don't believe! This quiz is only for jolly fun! Peace!

published on December 15, 201524 responses 4

Do you believe in Santa Clause ?

I think but I don't
Not really
No!!!! He's not real!!!!

If Santa Clause once asked you what you want what do you say ?

I want time with my family or to give!!!! Receive....not that much
Let's say everything....greed!!!!
Stuff for myself....that I won't share...especially not to my siblings!!!!
Nothing...and it's my parents!!!! Not Santa Clause!!!! He's stupid old fiction!!!!

How do you normally treat people ?

Nice cause they deserve it!!!!
Average....I say
Not that good
Like they are garbage on the street!!!!

Who is your enemy ? But are you the enemy ?

Me and whom get along
Somebody else is
Sometimes I am and whom is the enemy sometimes

Do you tell the truth or do you lie ?

Sometimes both
My lie : I tell the truth

Santa Clause asked you why you did something wrong and he knew you did what do you do ?

Say you didn't do it and that it's a total mistake
Tell the truth
What are you talkin' about


Go away stupid Kendal and Santa Clause!!!! Get outta my face!!!!