what classic Disney villain are you?

the evil queen, jafar, clayton, ursula, shan yu (is that how you spell it?), maleficent, queen of hearts, shere kaan, the enchantress, cruela de vil, gaston.

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you and your friend are riding on bikes. your friend falls over. what do you do?

get help/help friend yourself
just laugh, why do you think i'm taking this quiz?

are you boy or girl?

duh, boy!
girl, why?

do you exersize much?

yeah, where do you think this came from?! *flexes*
i dream about working out.

do you like dark colors?

yeah, dark purple, red, blue, green, BLACK!
no, but i can handle them.

you HATE animals!!!!!!!! true/false?

true, i cant handle them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, i don't LOVE animals, but i don't HATE them.

your faveriote animal is a--


you describe yourself like a...

sly fox, i can get away with anything!!!
a bat, i scare my enemys half to death before they have a chance to run!!!!!
bear, i destroy anything easily.
a kind natured person. i do get a little angry at times though.

why are you taking this quiz anyway?

lets face it, boredom.

whats your happy ending?

money, and lots of it.

do you like plants?

yeah, why?