Are you a friend or a bully ?

Are you a friend or a bully ? Let's see and anyone who thinks my quizzes are terrible don't comment in a mean way or things will get dirty!

published on December 04, 201532 responses 5
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What's your comment on " Are you a nerd or popular " made by Kendal ?

You make such terrible quizzes!!!!
I got popular I wish
What a nice quiz!!!!
I guess it's fine

When a friend is sad what do you do ?

Make them feel better by comforting them or making them laugh
Leave that poor person
Make them feel even worse
Let them get over it

When you see a bully bullying someone what do you do ?

Stop them and save the victim !!!!
Get popcorn and watch and cheer for the bully !!!!
Should I help????

When an annoying nerd comes and asks you to hang out during lunch when you were going to hang out with the cool kids what do you do ?

Hang out with that person instead of the cool kids beacause that person probably doesn't have friends anyway
Leave the nerd I hate that person anyway
Hang out with the nerd first then go with the cool kids
Hurt the nerd's feelings

When your friend asks you to help out in his/her's sister's party what do you say ?"

"I'm glad to support"
"Not for a little brat"