Friendship Simulator (Mystic Enchantress)

Friendship Simulator (Mystic Enchantress)

Salutations. Knowing @BonnieBunny did a quiz like this i thought maybe i could do one of my own. So let's see how it goes with you and Mystic. BTW the photo design is not mine @BonnieBunny designed to look like Mystic.

published on April 01, 201624 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

"Heya looney, name's Mystic Enchantress glad you could make it"


"So anything you wanna do? And answer fast cause i have important things to do"

I don't care really
I don't know
Oh! We could go on a nature walk!

"I don't mean to rush you but i seriously don't have time to wait for you to make up your mind"

Okay, sorry
Well how about a nature walk?
Ugh i don't f*cking care

"A nature walk sounds fun and relaxing so sure"

Awesome, this is gonna be fun
Okay that's fine

You both began taking a nature walk "Hey, i found a red eyed tree frog" Mystic shows you the little amphibian

Ew get it away from me !
That's cool

"Come on! Let's go tree climbing"

No way am i doing that!
I'm not sure if i want too
YES! Bet i can beat you to the top!

"Bet i can get to the top of the tree before you can"

Oh your on!
Is this even safe?
Yeah i don't think so

"Last one to the top is a rotten egg!" Mystic begans climbing the tree

Be careful!
Not if i get there first!

You and Mystic reach the top seems you've won "Well that was fun you did great"

Yeah and you did lousy
I guess so
Thanks you did great too

"Well it was nice meeting you, have a nice day"

Bye i hope to see you again soon
Okay bye
Seeya loser