Which God of The Ancients are you most like?

Which God of The Ancients are you most like?

Ever wanted to control supernatural forces and pose to become more powerful? You can either join the Ginyu Force, or become one of the Gods of the Ancients!

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This can give away the result, but what power sounds best to you?

Using shadows to
create things!
Controlling lava
that is even hotter
than normal lava!
Transforming body
parts into animal
Harnessing sun
Slicing and piercing
things by
manipulating wind!

Now let’s play with some tarot cards.
Which card appeals to you the most?


If someone were to piss you off, how would you handle it?

“Oh yeah, tough
guy?!” And knock
them out!
Spit into their
mouth as I pry it
open. They won’t
expect it!
“I would prefer if
you stopped what
you’re doing right
now.” And if they
try to hit me, I’ll
just use self
“If you’re seriously
picking a fight with
me, I suggest you
get a hobby that’s
worth your time.”
“You know that I
actually can screw
your entire life
over, right?”

What job sounds the most like something you’d like to do?

A musician
Park Ranger, or
maybe a zoologist
A comedian
Baby sitter
A body builder

What kind of food do you prefer?

I usually crave chocolate. Any kind, really.
Nothing beats icecream!
Sour gummies are so good, what even
I love the thrilling, spicy dishes!
Steak, steak, steak, steak

Choose a phrase, possibly another freebie

O wakare!

Now pose!

Put both arms into air and slouch a bit while standing on one foot, bending both knees a bit
Lean to the side, crossing arms and making a backwards peace sign with the right hand
One hand on hip, another in the Egyptian walk position, bend right knee a bit while left leg is straightened
Cross legs, hold up one arm with elbow bent at an acute angle as I hold a orb of my power, smile
Float partially in air, spread my arms to the side but keep them lowered.