What is your Harry Potter wand type?

What is your Harry Potter wand type?

They say the wand chooses the wizard. Which will choose you? This quiz will assign you your perfect match based on your traits, and give a wand that appeals to those traits. NOTE: All photos belong to their respectful owners.

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You are in a dark room with only your wand. You hear footsteps coming towards you. What do you do?

Look around and try to see anything
Take out my wand and listen to the footsteps
Light the tip of my wand and walk around
Walk closer to the footsteps and prepare to fight

It is your first year at Hogwarts, and your mother says you can get a pet. What do you get?

A Rat
An Owl
A Toad
A Cat

Which quality do you take most pride in?

My Intelligence and Creativity
My Power
My Energetic Autitude
My Determination and Bravery

You take a trip to a wizarding tourist spot in France. Your siblings and yourself each get to pick one item from the gift shop. What catches your eye?

A Golden Goblet
A Magic Mirror that Shows The Future
A Golden Key
A Sleek, Leather Spellbook

You would consider yourself...

Average Height
Not Kind of Short

What is your goal in Hogwarts?

To Become a Better Wizard/Witch
To Learn Everything I Can
To Become Powerful
To Make as Many New Friends as Possible

Which color are you most drawn to?

Blue and Dark Blue
Green and Grey
Light Colors, or Yellow
Red and Orange

If your friends could sum you up in three words, what words would they most likely use?

Powerful, Sly, Cunning
Optimistic, Funny, Kind
Eager, Fun, Prankster
Smart, Creative, Focused

Please wait while Mr. Ollivander finds your wand...
As for this, let fate decide... Your wand is waiting.