what cod zombies player are you?

are you the greedy kind the helpful kind, maybe the saviour, the squeaker or even the noob, rage quitter

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someone goes down what do you do

get there as quick as possible
why do that when i get get points
ill try my best to get you
well im the one that usually is down and i dont know what button to press to pick them up
i hate going down im out see you later noobs
high pitched noises you cant here that you think is pick me up i have a ray gun

do you open the door

oh hell no
what button do i press
we will take turns in opening door
f this to many doors im out
dude just try and get points im doing way better than you ill get the doors
high pitched witch door do i open

how often do you hit the box

dude you can hit it first if you want
m8 i need the paralyzer galil ray gun and mark to and your not even getting close to the box until i have had possession of
each of these guns
whats the box
im getting quick revive so you can hit the box first
smr, ballistic knife, chicom, emp grenade, smr, fal, ballistic knife, smr. ok screw this
im hitting the box

whats your 4 player strategey

whats a strategy
you can go to the more dangerous place so i can pick you up until i have 70 revives
theres one traing spot oh ive got it and you can go camp somewhere else
you can pick where you want to go and ill go somewhere else
ill be right back to finish this game my mum wants me can you 3 protect me until im back
im training somewhere shit im down later noobs

what is your average points before round five

about half of them you my team mate can have just as much as me
0 because i went down so much because i had to take out the trash
all of them
well i have no kills but i have 20 revives so i have 5000
i left the game so i have none

do you pick up every power up

only if it helps my teamate
it going to get me more points so yeah
whats a powerup
ok im going to get that hammer dammit im down later noobs
anything helps
no if i dont get it, it will get me more revives