Which Pretty Little Liar Are You?!

Which pretty little liar are you? Are you Em? Hannah? Spencer? Aria? Or maybe even Alison? Proceed in this quiz to find out !

published on July 13, 201414 responses 3
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How often do you lie?

Almost Never
All The Time
Once in a Blue Moon

3 words that your friends would describe you as?

Attitude, Laughable, Fun
Crybaby, Beautiful, Amazing
You're perfect. Their is no other word.
You Smile a Lot, Great Personality, Jealous
Crazy, Sarcastic, Funny

Which girl do you think has been hurt mostly by A ?


In your group of friends, which one do you happen to be?

The Popular One
The One With The Most Boyfriends
The Sporty One
The One Who Laughs At Everything
The Smart One

If you had to break up with your gf / bf, how would you do it?

Invite them over, tell them to sit down and laugh while breakup with them and tell them to leave.
Wait for them to come to you and breakup with them by literally not saying your breaking up.
Lie & say you have an ex that you're falling inlove with again & you're meant to be with.
You wouldn't break up with anyone, you always go through the crap.
Be straight up and tell them the reason, but you cry when he / she was already going to break up with you.