What's Your Type? (1)

What's Your Type? (1)

Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; this is eerily accurate. What type do you fit into?

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In what ways are you particularly hard on yourself?

My sense of purpose drives me to be doing more, and I hate when I waste my life. I feel like I should be doing MORE.
However, beyond that, I'm generally hard on myself a lot.
I want to accomplish all of my own goals while keeping everyone around me happy, and when I can't do that, I start to get
mad at myself.
I have a very strict set of inner morals that I try to follow to the letter; I'm always trying to be certain that I'm the very best
that I can be and I'm hard on myself when I don't reach the standard that I want to.
I want to always be able to overcome new obstacles without difficulty and I'm always pushing myself to be better; when I
don't match up, I get really frustrated with myself.
I'm often accused of judging others, but I don't judge them anywhere near as much as I judge myself. I'm always reaching
for infinity and expecting myself to be smarter, tougher, and wiser than I already am.
I have big goals, which I'm always pushing myself to achieve. I almost always think that I could be doing better. In the end,
though, all of my hard work usually rewards me with a bunch of self-confidence.
I'm very specific and precise, and I judge myself a lot. I have to make sure that everything about an idea is perfect before it
comes out of my mouth, and I'll get upset wiht myself if it isn't.
I'm always shoving and pushing myself to be harder, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. I do well under pressure and love to
defeat challenges.
I'm very duty driven and believe in always doing what's right. I believe in getting things done with no excuses and will shove
myself beyond reason to meet my personal goals.
I can be hard on myself, but this is never influenced by people around me but by my own self. When I accomplish what I'm
after, I'll be extremely confident; failure seems to mock me.
I always put a lot of pressure on myself to take care of those around me and tend to push myself more than is probably good
for me in an effort to be a good, hardworking, responsible person.
I want to look good to those around me, and I'm constantly piling pressure on myself -- and hiding it. I prefer to not let
others know about my lack of self-confidence and tend to shove myself even harder if they seem to sense it.
I'm more carefree and can let go of worries and expectations more easily than most. You only live once, right? So you might
as well enjoy it.
I'm always searching for new thrills; when I'm hard on myself, it's sometimes difficult for me to even realize it since it's
subconscious. I try to be better even when I don't mean to.
I'm a very sensitive person, so I definitely push myself very hard to make sure that I never hurt others the way that some hurt
me. I can be extremely tough on myself if I think that I've hurt someone.
I realize that no one's perfect, and I'm OK with that. Life goes on. It's better to enjoy life than to stress about everything.

How do you process your own emotions?

It's sometimes hard for me to be in touch with my own self. I have lots of layers, and sometimes it's nearly impossible to
know where my heart truly is.
I don't exactly prioritize myself; I tend to care about the emotions of others more and spend more time on them. I often find
myself avoiding thinking about how I really feel.
Sometimes it takes time to sort it out thoroughly, but I see and know what's in my head very clearly. I can see everything
from a unique point of view and can figure out what I'm feeling pretty easily.
I feel things very deeply, and I know exactly what I want and how I feel about everything. It's not hard to sort through my
own emotions because they're so clear. But, like glass, they're also sensitive.
I'm not exactly a fan of my own emotions, but I'm not as disconnected from them as some people think. I just tend to sort
through them in a more logical way, looking at motivations and reasoning behind everything.
I feel things very deeply, but I prefer to push my own feelings aside and have trouble accepting them. I'm extremely loyal,
but have a hard time expressing my feelings.
I struggle with understanding my own emotions, mostly because I'm constantly looking for logic in them. I feel emotions very
deeply, which is weird for me since I have such a tough time comprehending them or even liking them.
I'm not exactly the most emotionally driven kind of person, and I prefer to ignore or avoid my own feelings through humor or
playfulness. I hate being overly emotional, and may try to avoid emotions altogether.
I'm extremely internal and private, and would very much rather keep my thoughts to myself than express them. Even so, I do
feel them very deeply. I prefer to keep them hidden, and sort through them over long periods of time.
I find my own emotions annoying and bothersome. I don't really understand them or why they're there. I really just want to
be seen as the tough individual, so I tend to block out my emotions entirely sometimes, not wanting to deal with them.
I prefer to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself; I don't want to be a bother to everyone else. I spend most of my time
examining other people's emotions and trying to help them rather than looking at my own.
I don't see my emotions as anywhere near as important as the feelings of others. I shut them out, wanting to be able to think
through other people's emotions rather than my own. I tend to try to help others more than myself.
I often look for logical reasoning and thought patterns behind my emotions, wanting to apply them in a way that actually
makes sense.
I usually try to ignore my own feelings and try to find things to distract myself with. I prefer to look at logic behind my
emotions if I break them out at all, because I see emotions as stifling and strange.
I feel my emotions very deeply and powerfully. I find it difficult -- if not impossible -- to ignore or avoid my feelings, and I get
easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.
I can be observant, but I am a very deep feeler. I prefer to express my thoughts and emotions as a way to understand them,
and understanding them is crucial to me.

How do you process other people's emotions?

I can sense other people's emotions almost before they can; I sometimes spend more time trying to help them sort it out then
looking through my own self.
I'm good at reading people, even when they try to hide their feelings. I always try to be supportive and helpful.
I can tell what other people are going through often by my own personal experiences. I filter through what they say and look
for deeper meaning that I connect to things that have happened to me.
I'm very understanding and sensitive, and I'm a good listener. I like when people express the truth to me instead of hiding it.
I'm good at figuring out the motives of others, often using my own experiences to figure it out.
I don't really have that much of a connection to the emotions of others. I'm more logical and try to apply reasoning to other
people's actions rather than searching for deeper meanings.
It's hard for me to figure out other people's emotions; when they act upset or hurt, it's hard for me to know what to do and I
start to feel sort of awkward. When people are constantly emotional around me, it can get very annoying.
I'm logic based, but I look for deep meaning in everything. I can understand actions and motives, but it's hard for me to
comprehend other people's emotions. I constantly try to apply logic to other people's feelings, which frustrates everyone.
I'm usually open and fun, but it's difficult for me to accept other people's emotions. I don't always react well to overly
emotional people, but I can understand it reasonably well.
I'm very loyal and dutiful, but not very in touch with the emotions of others. I try to provide everything someone might
logically need, but emotional support isn't exactly my strong suit.
I'm very practical and driven, and I work hard to be responsible and reliable; however, I don't place much importance on the
emotions of people or know how to react. People who outwardly express lots of emotions confuse and frustrate me.
I'm very connected to the emotions of others, and I constantly strive to supply emotional support and comfort. I try to make
everyone I love feel safe and appreciated. I'm always willing to hear people out and be understanding.
I'm acutely aware of the emotions of other people, and have a sense for how my actions will make others feel. I want
everyone around me to feel happy, so I find myself denying my own self a lot for the sake of others.
I find it easy to control my own feelings, and it frustrates me when others can't do the same. I understand that they have
feelings, but I can't comprehend the need to openly and constantly express them.
I'm not very comfortable about emotionally open people and tend to get annoyed with people who are needy or demanding.
Despite this, I'm pretty good at determining other people's feelings.
I always try to be open and understanding; while I don't have an acute natural sense for other people's feelings, I do my best
to develop one. I'm more capable of connecting to those similar to me than others in general.
I'm very caring and affectionate, but I don't understand it when people are emotionally demanding or needy. I try to make
others happy, and people that seem upset for no reason can frustrate me.

Which of these is something that you would absolutely NEVER say? (no sarcasm)

I prefer quantity over quality when it comes to friends.
I hate when people burden me with their emotional problems.
I really love loud parties, where I can be bombarded with strange smells and obnoxious strangers.
I never procrastinate; I finish all my work ahead of schedule.
I can never do anything right. I give up trying to accomplish my goals.
I really hate being in charge. It just bothers me when I have to tell people what to do.
I just can’t figure out the answer to this problem. I’m not smart enough.
We must follow the rules that authority has set out for us! It’s the only way!
I really don’t feel comfortable following a daily schedule.
It's OK; I’ll let you make all the decisions and just fade into the background.
I am not worried about your well-being at all. Get your feels away from me!
I feel really uncomfortable when people express their emotions to me.
We should sit around all night and share our emotional sad stories. You go first!
I hate taking risks and would prefer to live a safe, excitement-free life.
I really love taking advantage of people who are in a worse situation than me.
I hate being center of attention, it makes me uncomfortable.

Which of these high school types sounds most like you?

The one who is bookish and keeps to themselves. They are shy and feel like they are unpopular, but later find out that
everyone actually liked them a lot. They get good grades and probably doodle in their notebook a lot or spend time listening
to music.
The studious and extremely popular one. Everyone knows who they are, and they probably are the head of a handful of social
committees. They are all over the yearbook, and probably planned every event you attended in high school.
The one who daydreams constantly. They probably hang out with the emo or edgy kids. High school isn’t the place where an
INFP thrives, because it feels devoid of meaning to them. They have a decent amount of friends, and no real enemies to
speak of. Something inside them is waiting for high school to end so their real life can begin. Although they spend most of
their time reading, they just can’t seem to find motivation to participate in classes.
The enthusiastic and extremely social one. They have a knack for being friends with every social group and nobody really
dislikes them. They still enjoy spending a lot of time reading or daydreaming, but also enjoy sporadic social events.
The one who gets straight A’s and it seems like they don’t even have to try. They probably are forced to tutor the students
who are having trouble, and attend as many advanced placement classes as possible. High school seems like a means to an
end for them.
The one who seems to keep their nose in all the social events, while at the same time keeping their grades up. They know
most of the teachers and have a respectable standing with them.
The completely apathetic one, who doesn’t really see the point of high school. If they put forth even the slightest amount of
effort they could be extremely popular, but they just don’t care. Although they are extremely smart, they just don’t want to
attend class. They skate by and somehow pass their classes, even though they rarely attended. Teachers are constantly telling
them how much potential they have, if they would just put forth the effort.
The one who always seems to turn every class into a debate. They have a headstrong attitude towards authority, and are
constantly trying to prove the teachers wrong. They are probably the ones to be voted “class flirt”.
The one who follows all of the rules and gets straight A’s. They know how to handle social situations and are fairly good at
making friends, when they put forth the effort. They probably are friends with most of the upperclassmen, or even the adults.
The one who doesn’t take crap from anyone. They have a desire to be well liked by everyone, and do whatever it takes to be
popular. They may not date much because they scare the opposite sex away with their aggressiveness.
The one who everyone likes, but no one really knows. They get good grades and try to take care of all of their friends. They
may even be seen as the class mom, always making sure everyone is doing their homework before they attend social events.
The popular one, who is probably a cheerleader or captain of the football team. They thrive in the high school setting, and
enjoy navigating the social scene with ease. They refuse to be the bully, and try to be friends with everyone. Everyone knows
who they are and although they do just fine in their classes, they are mostly focused on socializing.
The one who is completely done with high school before it even begins. They really don’t care about attending class, and
would much rather spend time working on their car or at the skate park. They are well liked, and have a sort of James Dean
cool about them, but they are too cool to care.
The jock or party animal of the high school setting. They have a way of acting like high school doesn’t matter to them, but
somehow are friends with everyone. They are very popular and it seems to come effortlessly.
The shy and artistic one, who always knows what’s cool before you do. They don’t flaunt their ability to be insanely hip, but
somehow it makes everyone like them. They are too introverted to be considered popular, but somehow they always get
invited everywhere.
They one who knows how to dominate high school with ease. They are the life of the party, and always seem to be throwing
the best ones. They probably spend too much time making friends, and don’t really get the best of grades. But it doesn’t
really matter because they will hold onto the memory of high school forever.

Which of these college stereotypes sounds most like you? (or what you'll probably end up acting like)

They are the ones who become the extreme perfectionist and pushes themselves way too hard. They come out of their shell a
little bit and enjoy making friends with like-minded people. They probably find and important cause to attach themselves to
and feel very excited about it.
They are the one who does it all, and you just can’t understand how they do it. They have it all together and somehow
maintain great grades while climbing the social ladder.
The one who sees college as their way out of the bubble that high school put them in. They feel welcomed by others who are
similar to them, and enjoy the freedom to be themselves. They finally take class seriously, and dive into the subjects they can
truly connect with. They may occasionally be seen protesting with their activist friends.
They constantly procrastinate their studies, and are the ones who do their homework the night before (or day of) class. They
manage to do well, even though they are often late. They probably run their own blog that becomes ridiculously popular
around campus.
The one who accidentally (okay maybe intentionally) makes everyone feel stupid for not grasping the material as easily as
they do. But they manage to assist the few stragglers because they feel it is their duty as someone who truly knows-it-all.
The one who only sees college as a stepping stone towards their chosen careers. This is really just part of the rules of life,
before they can become wildly successful.
They probably take this opportunity to attempt fitting into the social scene that they missed out on in high school. They
somehow do very well in their classes, even though they skip them from time to time. They make friends with the in-crowd
and somehow find themselves regretting it entirely.
They probably take a year or two off to explore new possibilities before they attend a university. Once they finally do sign up
for classes, they feel unbelievably ahead of everyone else. They are eager to enjoy the dating scene of college, and are
certainly not ready to settle down (what does settling down even mean?).
They take college extremely seriously, as it is part of their strictly scheduled future. They panic every-time a major assignment
is due, especially if they don’t have it finished and revised a week ahead of time. Pop-quizzes give them mild heart-attacks,
but they still manage to pass them every time.
Finds a way to become friends with most of their teachers and strives to impress them. They enjoy being the know-it-all but
also have moments of making ridiculous jokes to make the class laugh.
Is very hopeful that college will prove to be an excellent dating ground. They maintain a steady relationship after dating a few
idiots and meet the person they will later marry. They do very well in class and are extremely focused.
Maintains much more focus on their grades in college than they ever did in high school. Is always early for class and gets
every assignment finished on time. They are eager to join a sorority or fraternity and continue the social aspects of school.
They mostly see college as a place to meet their future spouse, but probably fail to do so because they are still dating people
who need fixing.
Only goes to class for the sake of learning, but probably feels like it is a waste of their time. Then again they feel like most
things are a waste of their time.
Only goes to class for the sake of achieving the admiration of their peers. They take college seriously when they finally attend
and expect to become something great someday. They probably join a fraternity or sorority and enjoy the chance to study
hard and party hard.
They probably take some time off to find themselves before they attend college. When they finally decide to go to college
they end up heading towards a field in the arts, and landing a kick-butt job as a tattoo artist or a graphic designer.
They definitely don’t take college seriously the first time around. They don’t have the slightest idea what they want to go to
school for and probably only went because they were forced by a parent. They party seriously hard and drop out. If they go
back later in life they somehow skate through it with excellent grades and a steady career path.

Which of these childhood stereotypes sounds most like you?

The child who was very often misunderstood. They preferred being on their own or reading, which probably didn’t translate
well to their parents. They seemed like a loner who understood adult conversation far too well to be considered a child. More
often than not they were probably very self-reliant, and enjoyed doing things their own way.
The child who seemed to get along with everyone, and was probably the teacher’s pet. They may have stuck their nose in the
adults business a bit too much, but they couldn’t help themselves. They often tried to help their parents with the chores, and
seemed eager to do so.
The daydreaming child, who often wandered off and became lost. They always found their way back, and were surprised by
the fact that everyone was looking for them. They were probably very helpful to their parents and tried hard to please them.
They ended up becoming very sensitive to the harshness of the other kids.
The eager and energetic child, who wasn’t allowed to have sugar or they would end up bouncing off of the walls. They were
the child who always wanted to go outside and play, and became bored with dull entertainment. They followed their parents
around talking their ears off until they answered all of their questions.
The serious and quiet child, who always had surprising insight. They rarely spoke and always seemed distracted in their own
little world. When they did actually utter the occasional sentence, it was to correct their teachers or parents.
The sandbox king of the playground. They had a way of being in charge of the other kids, and somehow did it in a likable
way. Their parents were always somehow convinced by their strong will as well.
The contemplative kid, who was often found daydreaming in their own little world. They were well liked but probably seen as
slightly unusual and inattentive. They were very intelligent but had the tendency to anger their teachers by pointing out their
inaccuracies in front of the class.
The talkative child who was always being a menace somehow. They liked to stir up trouble, and found themselves “debating”
with their parents and teachers.
The responsible child who always followed the rules and did their chores. They had a tendency to get along with the adults
more than their classmates. They looked at the kids who broke the rules like they were complete and utter embarrassments.
The bossy and demanding child. They had a knack for telling the other kids what to do, and most of them just fell in line
because of the intimidation factor. Teachers were even a little afraid of them.
The sweet well-behaved child, who always did what their parents asked of them. They were always very kind to the other
children, and made friends easily. They never wanted to dictate the games and always just did what their friends wanted to
The extremely popular and well known child. They had a tendency to try to take care of their parents or friends. They enjoyed
following the rules that the adults made for them, but preferred to be well liked by their friends.
The laid back kid who was always playing with their hands. They enjoyed puzzles and games that were probably a little too
old for them, but they always figured them out before anyone else.
The popular child who was always trying to impress the other kids. They probably broke every playground rule in the book
and often got into trouble. They took crazy risks and tried to perform impressive tricks.
The sincere and shy child, who just wanted everyone to get along. They enjoyed playing outside and probably never wore
shoes. They spent most of their time with their friends, just daydreaming and relaxing. They might have had an affinity for
art, and enjoyed the chance to express themselves.
The crazy but well-liked kid who was always trying to make everyone laugh. They were constantly striving to be the center of
attention, which got them in trouble with the teachers and their parents. The other children found their antics entertaining
and admirable.

What would you say is your worst quality?


What inspires you?

Being valued
Meaning and authenticity
When someone believes in the best in you
Besting others
Problem solving
A good challenge
Fulfilling your duty and honor
Societal norms
Being needed
Loved ones
Working with your hands