what will be your job in the vault when you take the goat test?

you see if you played fallout 3 you know in the begining of the game you start of in the vault wen your sixteen you take the G.O.A.T your gonna see what your job will be

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You are approached by a frenzied Vault scientist, who yells, "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!" What's your response?

"But doctor, wouldn't that cause a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?
Say nothing, grab a nearby pipe and hit the scientist in the head to knock him out. For all you knew, he was planning to blow
up the vault
"Yeah? Up yours too, buddy!"
Say nothing, but slip away before the scientist can continue his rant.

While working as an intern in the Clinic, a patient with a strange infection on his foot stumbles through the door. The infection is spreading at an alarming rate, but the doctor has stepped out for a while. What do you do?

Amputate the foot before the infection spreads
Scream for help
Medicate the infected area to the best of your abilities
Restrain the patient, and merely observe as the infection spreads

You discover a young boy lost in the lower levels of the Vault. He's hungry and frightened, but also appears to be in possession of stolen property. What do you do?

Give the boy a hug and tell him everything will be OK
Confiscate the property by force, and leave him there as punishment
Pick the boy's pocket to take the stolen property for yourself, and leave the boy to his fate
Lead the boy to safety, then turn him over to the overseer

Congratulations! You made one of the Vault 101 baseball teams! Which position do you prefer?

Designated Hitter
None, you wish the vault had a soccer team.

Your grandmother invites you to tea, but you're surprised when she gives you a pistol and orders you to kill another Vault resident. What do you do?

Obey your elder and kill the Vault resident with the pistol.
Offer your most prized possession for the resident's life.
Ask granny for a minigun instead. After all, you don't want to miss.
Throw your tea in granny's face.

Old Mr. Abernathy has locked himself in his quarters again, and you've been ordered to get him out. How do you proceed?

Use a bobby pin to pick the lock on the door
Trade a Vault hoodlum for his cherry bomb and blow open the lock.
Go to the armory, retrieve a laser pistol, and blow the lock off.
Just walk away and let the old coot rot.

Oh, no! You've been exposed to radiation, and a mutated hand has grown out of your stomach! What's the best course of treatment?

A bullet to the brain
Large doses of anti-mutagen agent
Prayer. Maybe God will spare you in exchange for a life of pious devotion.
Removal of the mutated tissue with a precision laser

A fellow Vault 101 resident is in possession of a Grognak the Barbarian comic book, issue number 1. You want it. What's the best way to obtain it?

Trade the comic book for one of your own valuable possessions
Steal the comic book at gunpoint
Sneak into the resident's quarters, and steal the comic book from his desk
Slip some knock out drops into the resident's Nuka-Cola, and take the comic book when he's unconscious.

You decide it would be fun to play a prank on your father. You enter his private restroom when no one is looking, and....

Loosen some bolts on some pipes. When the sink is turned on, the room will flood
Put a firecracker in the toilet. That's sure to cause some chaos
Break into the locked medicine cabinet and replace his high blood pressure medication with sugar pills
Manipulate the power wattage on his razor, so he'll get an electric shock next time he shaves

Who is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?

The Overseer
The Overseer.
The Overseer..
The Overseer!