Which Adventure Time character are you ?

Which Adventure Time character are you ?

Ever wanted to know what Adventure Time character you are? Now here's the chance click here to find out which Adventure Time character you are!

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If your friend and lover were drowning who would you save?

Save both of them and die while saving them.
Save your friend and die with your lover.
Build a ladder and save both of them
Have someone save them other than you.
Save both your lover and friend
Drown with both of them because you can't save them
Daydream and forget to save them
Save both of them and live
Watch them drown without helping them

What Would You Bring to a Party?

The drinks and chips
The fancy wine
The weirdest food
Something you found in your freezer that is over due
Doesn't come to the party
Brings nothing even though your weren't invited
Go shopping for everything
Gets mad because someone didn't bring anything
Brings the good food that you made a home

What would you do at a movie theater ?

Doesn't know what your watching and gets excited either way.
Flirt with the ladys
Do your homeowork
Talk really loud and ruin the movie
Goes to sleep beacuse you already saw the movie
Gets dramatic because the movie is not about you
In your own little world and miss the movie
Gets angry because no one is watching to movie you picked
Watches to movie

What you would do on a rollercoaster ride?

Scream you head off
The ride isn't even scary but have to act along to make it fun
Calculate how fast the rollercoaster is going
Flirt with the girls standing in line, misses turn
Gets bored
Pees in your pants
Cover your eyes
Having too much fun you pass out
Shows no emotion when on the ride

What your job would be at a grocery store?

Be the new worker who is overly excited
The cool guy who everyone talks to
The manager who doesn't pay attention to what is going on
Have nothing to do and flirt with the customer
Hates your job
The one that brags too much
The door person
The one who gets mad at everything
Does the job and gets paid

What kid are you at school

The always happy one
The popular one
The smart one
The one who tries to flirt with every girl/boy
The emo one that is cool
Loud dramatic one who needs attention
Quite but deadly one
The one who gets mad at people
The one that goes to school for an education

What's your favorite color?

Don't have one
Black or red
What kinda of question is this ?