Would aurorae/aki date you

Would aurorae/aki date you

Just making this so that I can get more rep points and this is the only idea I have rn. For fun

published on August 31, 20199 responses 2
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Ok so how long have you been on here

Few days
Few weeks
Less than a year
A year
A year and a half
2 years and so
3or 3+

Would you mind your gf being in fandoms which are known to be "cringy "or a Fangirl (who knows her limits)

I mean if I like her , why not
SEnPAi AiShTemASu DeSu~~
uwu it's ok
I don't know..tbh

Out of these , where would you go on a first date with your partner

Amusement park
Gaming centre
Let's do our homework /projects ! It'll be fun
Your or my house
Just holding hands and walking in sunset
Sports match!

H*g's or k*sess

H*g's ?
K*sses ?
K*sses on cheek or forehead are fine

Pick a combo of traits you would be okay to see in a partner

Lazy but smart
Cute but short tempered
Intelligent but show off
SExY but easy to talk to
Friendly but anxious
Moody but caring
Bold but annoying
Cheerful but badass
Sweet but selfish
Selfless but timid
Kind but egoistic
Social bee but disloyal

Pick something you like in yourself

My eyes
My body
My attitude
My personality
My guts
My hair
My arms
My facial hair
How I love myself and am confident

Are you the type who would get confessed to or would confess usually

I prefer to confess
I prefer to get confessed

This is just something I made for passing the time . Hope this quiz isn't really offensive in any way. Thanks for taking. Stay beautiful and amazing , person ??