What criminal minds character are you?

Take this quiz to decide which Criminal Minds character you are! Have fun!

published on November 10, 201417 responses 6 4.0★ / 5

What do you like to wear?

Scholarly-looking vests, slacks and glasses
Bright, flashy clothes with a flirty aura
Professional power suits
Casual tees and jeans, suitable for running
Trim, streamlined pencil skirts and blouses

How often do you use Google?

Why use Google when you can hack into the CIA database?
When I need to know something, I find the answer the oldschool way... with these things called BOOKS!
I use Google pretty frequently.
I prefer to ask people when I want to know something

Do you enjoy reading?

I live to read! I'll read anything. Ooh, look, words! Gimme, gimme, gimme...
I read fanfics on Wattpad, that's about it.
I read case files. And sometimes traffic reports
I'm too busy to read!
I read when I have the time

Oh no! You just remembered you have a test right after lunch and you forgot to study! What do you do?

Don't panic, you already know the answers.
Hack into the teacher's files and steal the answers.
Go into the test unprepared and try your best.
Study up during lunch.
What? Forget? You would never forget a test!

You are going to the movies with your friends, and they leave the choice of which movie to watch up to you. What do you select?

A documentary
A chick-flick
An action film
A slasher film
A rom-com

Do you use social media very often?

OMG! I #love #socialmedia. Name it, you will find #me on it! FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr... MYSPACE!
I don't use social media, it's ridiculous
I use social media moderately. Mainly for work.
I use social media to keep up with my family
What's social media?

What are your friends likely to come to you for?

Help on the calculus homework!
A cheer-up
Fitness training!
An opinion