Does he like you? Middle school edition

Guys can be so hard to read! Want to know if a specail someone has feelings for you? Take this quick quiz to determine of he likes you or not.

published on May 04, 201736 responses 4
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First question, the basics. In school, how often do you talk?

Everyday. We talk to each other whenever we get the chance.
We will talk to each other every other day, or a couple times a day.
We talk, but not that often.
We will only talk if we absolutley have to.
Yeah, we don't talk, cry cry

When you do talk, who starts the conversation?

He does! He will always start talking to me first!
He starts it a little more often than me.
Its about equal between us.
Its always me...

Do you ever catch him looking at you?

ALL THE TIME! Its like he can't look away-its almost creepy XD
Maybe once or twice a day
Yeah, sometimes
No... cry cry tear tear

When you do talk, where does he look?

He stares into my eyes, and we have eye contact almost the whole time.
We make eye contact, but we sure dont hold it for the whole conversation. Do guys really do that? Isn't that a tad bit creepy?
We'll make eye contact but we will break it quickly.
Yeah we dont talk. At all
He avoids eye contact and just looks around me

This should be a no brainer, but is he seeing someone or does he appear interested in someone else/ seem to have a crush on another girl?

No, he is single and ready to pringle!!!
Yep, he is seeing someone
He isn't dating but he seems to like this other girl. Humph. :(

Does he try to impress you?

YAS ALL THE TME GIRLFRIEND!!! :) He'll boast about his math test scores, his basketball skill, ect
I guess a little. I dont really know. Maybe once or twice
Yes, pretty frequently, but nothing too bold, like not too often.

Do his friends tease him or you about him liking you?

Yep, like 24/7. ANY TIME THEY SEE MEH "Hey, Sue, why don't you go kiss Billy Bob Butthead??" XD
No, his friends dont tease me at all
They will smile at him or giggle when I come around.
I think maybe once one of his friends teased him in front of me. ONCE

does he make jokes in front of a large group of ppl and then look at you to see if you laughed?

Yeah, all the time, its like the joke was meant for just me!
No, I havent noticed