would you survive in my "supervivencia 53"

would you survive in my "supervivencia 53"

if you like videogames such as dead rising, dead island, operation raccoon city, and some more... you'll like this comic

published on November 15, 20148 responses 2

would you suffer if one of your new partners dies?

if my life was at risk, i may not *keep walking*
yes... bullets rain! *shoots then drop grenade*
oh, my god? ...it's dead, noo! *runs crying*

would like to have an animal code name? such as phoenix, shark?

yeah! (write it on questionnaire)
no, my name
yes, whatever

do you like masks?

yes, like V for vendetta movie
no, my face is good enough
yes, like gas masks on operation raccoon city
nope, just sunglasses

where would you be?

...where i live
in the streets doing stuff
web searching

would you join my comic?

yeahhh *_* can i skip the questionnaire?
questions done and i'm in it, remember? *salutes wearing mask on*

how do you walk?

straight as a soldier
with class or as a model
curved back, kinda shy
with difficulty but i still do

i must ask, which color you like?

strong colors such as red, blue, green, purple, yellow camouflage
soft colors such as pink, lime, light blue, beige
none of them

which weapon is your favorite?

big guns such as bazooka, grenade launcher
assault rifle, magnum
none of them, pistol or a knife
i can kill with my bare hands

which of these video games you like a similar character?

walking dead or dead rising
resident evil, operation raccoon city
left for dead or dead island