What Is Your Spirit Breakfast?

What Is Your Spirit Breakfast?

Have you ever wondered what your spirit breakfast was? Find out using this simple quiz!

published on July 03, 20196 responses 0

What is your favorite cardinal direction?


How often do you masturbate?

Never. I could ride the freakin' Nimbus cloud.
Once a week
Once a day at LEAST
I have a problem

How do you like to spend a Tuesday evening on the beach?

Hanging out with my friends. Doing stuff like playing volleyball or going swimming.
Chilling under the open sky and watching the waves by my self.
Who the hell goes to the beach on a Tuesday?
I've never been to the beach on a Tuesday evening because I'm a smooth brained troglodyte.

Would you rather play Monopoly or Connect Four?

As a hot blooded capitalist, I only play Monopoly or other business games.
As someone who hates having all of my money taken from me I prefer Connect Four.
I thought people only play Monopoly on Independence Day?
Both of these games are trash.

When was the last time you sneezed?

I don't remember.
Earlier today.
Yesterday evening at exactly 6:19 PM.
Only babies and weaklings sneeze.

Have you ever been sexually attracted to a fruit or vegetable?

What!? No.
What!? N-no!
What!? ... No...
Hell yeah I have

Is Ted Cruz real?

What? Obviously.
I don't know, to be honest.
Yeah, he's the Zodiac Killer.
No, he's just a figment of the media.

Which utensil is best for cutting paper?

My bare hands. I am strong like ox.
I'm Italian, so obviously I use a pizza cutter.

Does this map have New Zealand on it?

What about Old Zealand?
New Zealand is a lie created by map companies to sell more maps.

How many Doritos is a serving size?

There's a serving size?
8-12 chips.
A whole bag.
My entire body weight.