Steven universe: ruby or Safire?

Steven universe: ruby or Safire?

Ever wondered if your as kind and wise as Safire? Or maybe as tough and hard working as ruby! Take this qiz to find out!

published on September 06, 201513 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

In battle, wat do you feel is most inportant?

Strike hard and strike fast! That's how I role!
Stategy is key. I try to reason with the
enimy,if that fails, I resort to stratigey!
I wait for a good time to strike.

How do you feel about working alone?

Never! Not if it means leaving my buddy behind!!!
Sure. Why not?
No no no. I would cry if I had to. (Or I would start singing to get my mind of of it)

Wat would you do if a man came wondering over to your house searching for your friend?

Good for him. Maybe he will be my new freind
No! I would throw him out!!! He was trying to get my freind!
I would ask him why he wanted my friend and Mabye if he sounded good, show him to my friend.

If someone asked you why you whernt eating, wat would you say?

Meh. I'm not that hungry. *plays with food*
I am eating. Just very slowly.*takes small bite of steak*

Wat happens when your mad?

I laugh evilly and well... It's hard to explain.
I s,Tay calm, go into my room, then scream my heart out!! DEATH!!!!

What do you fight for?

What do you fight for?
*singing* I will fight for the place where I'm free! To live together and ageist as me!
I will fight for the rights of humans and gems!
I will stand for my friends and the right of human kind!

Why did you take this quiz?

Idk I was bored
Because I cool
FOR THE REBELLION! ROSE QUARTz shall beat all!!!!